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Why is HST added to a condo status certificate when the Act says that the fee includes all applicable taxes?

Posted by Merv Burgard to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (12428)

Actually, you are correct, in that Ont. Reg 48/01 does stipulate in section 18(2) that a status certificate cost shall not exceed $100.00, inclusive of all applicable taxes.  However, in my experience, most condo corps have been charging $100 plus GST.  With the advent of the HST, I can only presume that they will charge $100 plus HST, unless challenged by the person making the request.  Typically, it is the real estate agent who acquires the status certificate and arranges for its delivery to the lawyer's office.  I don't know how far they would get in making the argument against this standard fee - but they would be right!  Thanks for pointing that out!  Joanne

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